Theory Programs

Pro-Music teaches music theory lessons that prepare students for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams. Rudiments and Harmony study the structuring, analyzing, and writing of music, while History explores past composers and themes that have shaped the music we hear today. Pro-Music students have scored 100% in Rudiments and History exams.

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Music Adventure

Music Adventure is a unique TWO-LEVEL group course created by Pro-Music’s experienced teachers and modeled after the methods of renowned educators Orff and Kodály. It is specially designed for children from ages 3-6, using fun, innovative, and accessible means to instill a love of music and provide a strong foundation.

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" Julia and Benjamin had a wonderful year at Pro Music and are really excited to continue over the summer and next year. Both Wendy and Nancy are fantastic teachers and we are very happy with our decision to have the children learning music at your school. "

-- Emma B., mother of Julia & Benjamin B.

" Music Adventure is a well organized introductory music program for young children. My daughter enjoyed it very much. "

-- Thomas F., father of Angelyn F.


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