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Photo of Jiyeon Ahn (B.Mus., B.A.)
Jiyeon Ahn, (B.Mus., B.A.)

Jiyeon graduated with Bachelor of Music with distinction from Queen’s University. She began her violin studies with Ray Dotoratos in New York, and continued her violin studies with Kyung ae Kim and Gisèle Dalbec. She is an enthusiastic chamber musician. Throughout her career, she has participated in many ensembles and orchestras, including Boheme Chamber Ensemble, Ars Nova Ensemble, Seoul Orchestra, and Tongyoung International Music Festival Ensemble. She also played as a member of Bohemian Soloists.

Jiyeon has been teaching since 2002. She has worked with students of all ages, and with her knowledge in Psychology, which she also holds degree in, she focuses on fun and leads her students to enjoy their music making.

Photo of Elliot Barenthin (B.Mus. Candidate)
Elliot Barenthin, (B.Mus. Candidate)

Elliott has been playing piano since he was 4 years old. He has had a love for jazz even in his early years studying the Royal Conservatory of Music program.

During his high school years, he shared his love for jazz with audiences through various solo and ensemble performances. He was the pianist for the King City Secondary School Jazz Improv Combo Ensemble (invited in grade 8), a guest performer at Michelle Mele’s Inaugural Sunburst Festival, the Friday night pianist at Port Soire, Schomberg, ON and volunteered to play the piano at Hogan’s Inn Restaurant, King City, ON on Friday nights (grade 8).

Elliott never passes up the opportunity to play a piano, including airports and underground parking garages (yes, they can be found in Europe!).

Prior to the pandemic, Elliott provided weekly entertainment at a local retirement residence where he had a regular audience. Now that pandemic restrictions have lifted, he has returned and can be heard in the atrium every Sunday afternoon.

Elliott formed the 6 Feet Apart TRIO in the winter of 2020 and performed at the 2021 Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival and was the pianist in the Maddie Zeidenberg Jazz Band, also performers at the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival in 2020. He was the pianist for the Toronto All Star Big Band in 2021-2022.

Elliott has studied under Amanda Tosoff, Richard Whiteman, Mark Eisenman, Adrean Farrugia. He is currently studying under Hannah Barstow in the Jazz Performance Program at the University of Toronto.

Photo of Robert Bradley (I.M.P.)
Robert Bradley, (I.M.P.)
Bass, Drum, Guitar, Ukulele

Robert graduated from Seneca at York University’s Independent Music Production Program.  He teaches guitar as well as the rudiments of drums and bass.  He had experience helping and organizing students into bands and oversaw their rehearsals and performances.  He has played in many bands as a musician.

To listen to Robert’s compositions, please click here.

To connect with Robert, please use this link:

Photo of Helen Chan (B.Comm.)
Helen Chan, (B.Comm.)
Piano, Vocal, Theory

Helen started playing piano at the age of four. She began classical training in voice 17 years ago and continues to take lessons to this day. Helen has over 15 years of teaching experience. While she has prepared many students for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations and competitions, her passion is to inspire students to explore the power of sounds and to teach them how to play by ear. Her classes are designed to be fun and engaging. Helen will soon be studying the Sound Healing Associates Degree Program at the Globe Institute and intends on becoming a Sound Healer.

Besides music, Helen is also a certified holistic nutritionist and a juice fanatic.

Photo of Karina Danielian (M. Mus., B. Mus.)
Karina Danielian, (M. Mus., B. Mus.)

Karina’s love for music began at the age of seven when she attended her first piano lesson. Karina graduated from Gnessin State Musical College and Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow. She is a piano teacher with 25 years of experience teaching and preparing students of all ages to complete Royal Conservatory examinations and compete in piano competitions all over the GTA. Many of her students have received first place in their respective competitions. Karina is very passionate about her students, making it her goal to instill the love for music and allow music to help students reach their goals and dreams.

Photo of Andrew Hsu (M. Mus., B. Mus.)
Andrew Hsu, (M. Mus., B. Mus.)

Andrew began his violin study at ten in his hometown Hong Kong. He played in various performing groups in Hong Kong in his youth, and was appointed as the concertmaster of Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Andrew studied in the School of Music of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and graduated with Bachelor of Music (with High Honors) and Master of Music degrees in violin performance. He was awarded tuition waiver during his studies. He studied violin performance under Prof. Sherban Lupu, and chamber music under members of the Pacifica Quartet. He played in various performing groups in and outside school, and was appointed as the concertmaster of the University of Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra.

After graduation, Andrew joined Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the training orchestra of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He was also selected in Civic Orchestra as a member of MusiCorps program, in which he performed with fellow Civic members in various elementary schools, high schools and parks in Chicago, and introducing different string instruments and explaining their performing methods to the students and audience.

Andrew went back to Hong Kong after leaving Civic Orchestra and taught violin in various secondary and primary schools, and in the Music Office. He also performed in several orchestras including the Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra, the Hong Kong Strings, and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong. Andrew relocated to Canada in August 2022 and is now excited to continue his music career here!

Photo of Hadara Jacoby (B.Ed.Mus.)
Hadara Jacoby, (B.Ed.Mus.)
Piano, Theory

Hadara started taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Education in Music from the Jerusalem Academy of Music. For 13 years, Hadara worked as a piano teacher at Forte Music School in Oak Ridges, where she enjoyed sharing her passion for music with students of all ages. Throughout the years, Hadara proudly watched her students grow and develop their musical skills, participate in recitals, and excel at RCM exams. Since 2010, Hadara has also been working as a piano accompanist for the Evergreen Choir in Aurora, under the direction of Dr. Richard Heinzle.

Photo of Irina Kremer (M.Mus., B.Mus.)
Irina Kremer, (M.Mus., B.Mus.)

Irina received her Bachelor’s in Music with Honours in Piano pedagogy at Moscow College of Music with further graduate studies at Saratov State Conservatory, earning her Master’s degree in piano pedagogy.

Irina has been teaching piano for all ages and levels for over 25 years and very passionate about sharing her knowledge with her students. Irina’s teaching approach to motivate and inspire her students helping them to reach their potential and achieve an excellent results on RCM exams

Photo of Simon Lau (L.R.S.M., B.Sc.)
Simon Lau, (L.R.S.M., B.Sc.)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Simon first discovered the joy of playing the violin at the age of 9. Under the tutelage of maestro Thomas Wang, Simon was considered a late starter by many, but quickly mastered the necessary skills and became one of the youngest members of the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra at the time. He subsequently became Concertmaster for the same orchestra and other ones as well.

At the age of 16, Simon organized his own chamber group “Bachanini” and won many awards at the Hong Kong School Music and Speech Festival. He was also one of the youngest violinists to have obtained the L.R.S.M. certification from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in England.

After arriving in Canada, he had studied under many master violinists, including the late professor Eugene Kash of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Simon has been a member of several music organizations in Canada, including the York Symphony Orchestra.

RCM Silver & Gold Medalists:

2013 – Student received Gr 1 RCM Gold Medal in violin for the highest examination grades in Ontario

Photo of Davina Lee (A.R.C.T., B.Comm.)
Davina Lee, (A.R.C.T., B.Comm.)
Music Adventure, Piano, Theory

Davina holds an ARCT in Piano Performance.  She also studied piano pedagogy with Mrs. Marina Geringas at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and the Orff Method with Mrs. Margaret Huggett.

Davina is a co-founder of the Music Clubhouse and Music Adventure programs.  She loves teaching children and puts great emphasis in making her lessons fun and enjoyable.  She also serves as organist at her local church.

Photo of Kristal Lee (B. Mus., A.R.C.T.)
Kristal Lee, (B. Mus., A.R.C.T.)
Clarinet, Piano

Kristal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a major in clarinet at the University of Toronto. She studied clarinet with Stephen Pierre and now studies with Richard Thomson. Presently, she is also an ARCT piano performance candidate, studying under Glenn Gould School instructor, Lang-Ning Liu.

Kristal began her musical studies with piano lessons at the age of 5, and has since developed an appreciation for music. As a piano accompanist, she has played at churches, recitals and weddings. At the age of 11, she began to learn the clarinet and was a member of the 2017 and 2018 Ontario Provincial Honour Band.

In the summers of 2017 and 2018, Kristal was a teacher assistant at Pro Music’s summer camp. There, she was able to help many children discover music for the first time, such as playing their first notes on an instrument. It brings her so much joy to see children develop their passion and explore the world of music.

Kristal enjoys teaching a variety of musical styles, from classical to pop to contemporary Christian music. Furthermore, she uses many different approaches to teach students of all ages and backgrounds.

Photo of Lavien Lee (B.F.A.)
Lavien Lee, (B.F.A.)

Lavien began his formal musical training with piano lessons when he was 10 years old.  Mostly self taught, he discovered his love for drumming in high school when he formed his first rock bank with some friends.  His love for beating the skins and laying down a solid foundation for a great rock bank has never stopped since.

Fast forward to university, Lavien studied jazz extensively and found a unique interest in West African drumming and polyrhythms at York University where he completed his honours degree in Jazz Performance  Although his bread and butter is rock drumming, he has experience playing all styles of music ranging from pop, hip hop to blues, country and traditional Chinese music.

With over a decade of teaching under his belt, Lavien likes to approach music holistically and incorporates singing, dancing and breathing techniques into his lessons because music is expressed through vibration, movement and emotions.  What makes Lavien standout as a drum teacher is his ability to drum and sing at the same time and being able to play other instruments like guitar and piano.  This makes him a well rounded musician that understands music from a variety of perspectives.

Photo of Abby Leung (A.R.C.T. candidate)
Abby Leung, (A.R.C.T. candidate)
Abby has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Trained by a musicologist who has obtained a PhD in music, Abby is currently trying to achieve her ARCT in piano performance. Abby’s teaching style combines classical technique and fundamentals with improvisation, and she is dedicated to making lessons interesting and engaging for new piano learners, and focuses mainly on basic techniques in the piano that can be used going forward to a higher level of piano playing. She can also help young children create a path of where their piano playing will take them in the future, and helps them develop musicality. Abby is an enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about sharing her knowledge of music with her students. She encourages her students to explore and develop their own unique musical styles and to have fun while doing so.
Photo of Tatyana Mirzoyan (M.A., B.A.)
Tatyana Mirzoyan, (M.A., B.A.)

Tatyana has 20 years of experience as a teacher and an accompanist. She possesses strong knowledge of classical, romantic and modern music that she has successfully instructed students of various age groups. Her professional studies started in the Sayat-Nova State Music School after which she was accepted in the Arno Babadjanian State Music College. She continued her studies in the Armenian State Pedagogical University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with specialization as a Choir Director. In 1989, Tatyana received her Bachelor and Masters Degree in Yerevan State University with specialization in Piano Performance. She also received qualification to teach music at the college and university level. She remained teaching university students and conducting extensive research of Methods in Music Pedagogy for public school systems. She commuted to and from Gertzen’s University and St. Petersburg where she participated in conferences and gained extensive knowledge in various disciplines of Pedagogy. Currently, Tatyana works as a Piano Instructor and Accompanist as well as adjudicates at festivals and competitions. Tatyana is very passionate about working with students and sharing her knowledge of music. Many of her students achieved great results and have gone on to receive ARCT diplomas. Tatyana has worked at many churches where she has accompanied choirs and musical ensembles.

Photo of Jerson Munoz (B.Mus.)
Jerson Munoz, (B.Mus.)
Baritone, Trombone, Trumpet

Jerson Munoz is a Toronto based trombonist and educator who holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from Humber College. He has studied privately with Kelsley Grant and had masterclasses with Al Kay.

His performance experience includes swing bands, Latin big bands, small jazz, pop, & rock ensembles as a lead, soloist, and side musician. Throughout his career, he has performed at various festivals and venues in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jerson is currently a coordinator & private brass instructor at Pro-Music Conservatory of Music – Richmond Hil

Photo of Guzal Nasirova (M.A., B.A.)
Guzal Nasirova, (M.A., B.A.)

At the age of 5, Guzal started learning piano with M.Sultanova, who graduated from Moscow State Conservatory in the class of Prof. D.Bashkirov.

Guzal studied 11 years at Uspensky Music School for Gifted Children and graduated with BA and MA in Piano Pedagogy from Tashkent State Conservatory.

Guzal had an opportunity to complete her internship in Moscow State Conservatory, where attended classes of M.Voskresensky.

Guzal gave her first private lesson at the age of 19. After receiving her diplomas, she returned to Uspensky School where she worked until 2010.

In the meantime she worked also as an accompanist in Tashkent State Conservatory and Institute of Theatre & Arts and had the opportunity to stay in UK (1996-1999) and France (2002-2007) where she continued to work as a piano teacher.

Her extensive experience includes teaching piano to children of various ages, preparing them for piano examinations and recitals, accompanying the school’s choir, vocalists and violin players during repetitions and various performances. Throughout her work experience in Toronto, Guzal was proud to see her students progress and improve their piano skills, win or get good results at piano contests such as Kiwanis, North York and CCC Music Festivals.

Photo of Jason Ng (M.Mus., A.R.C.T.)
Jason Ng, (M.Mus., A.R.C.T.)

Jason’s musical background consists of an ARCT in piano performance and a Master of Music specializing in music technology and digital media from the University of Toronto. He has a decade of experience teaching piano and music to students of all ages and of diverse backgrounds and special needs.

As a music teacher, he genuinely believes that the primary role is to inspire passion in students by exposing them to music’s expressive powers, how deeply entrenched music is within culture and the human psyche, and how emotionally and intellectually rewarding it can be to make music. With that as a foundation, he proceeds to teaching technical proficiency and exploring a repertoire of interest.

As a composer and audio engineer, his work focuses on the intersection of digital media, electronic synthesis, and acoustic sound recording. He has produced music and sound effects for a variety of projects, from indie films and video games to internet ads to web series. He has also produced and engineered a number of small-ensemble jazz and classical studio recordings.


Photo of Oxana Podoliak (B. Mus.)
Oxana Podoliak, (B. Mus.)
Clarinet, Flute & Saxophone

Oxana Podoliak has been teaching woodwinds for over 25 years. She began her music education at Lviv State College of Music with further graduate studies at Lviv State Music Academy, earning her degree in Performance and Pedagogy. With a background in solo, chamber music and orchestral playing, Oxana’s passion for wind instruments has seen her engaged over the years in multiple performances.

Currently, Oxana is giving flute, clarinet and saxophone lessons to students of all RCM levels and ARCT in and around the Toronto area. Among her students, many of them are Regional RCM Gold Medal receipents and winners of local and provincial music festivals. Some of them got accepted to the music program in universities.

Photo of Maggie Pong (B.F.A.)
Maggie Pong, (B.F.A.)

Maggie graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours). Also, she holds ATCL level of the Trinity College London in Recital in Piano.

She has been teaching piano for over 20 years and had been successfully sent her students for the piano exams at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Most of her students have passed with merit and distinction in the examination.

Thanks for her passion, well-rounded approach of techniques and musicality, her students received outstanding awards in music competitions.

Photo of Adele Qian (B.Mus., A.R.C.T.)
Adele Qian, (B.Mus., A.R.C.T.)

Adele embarked on her musical endeavor when she acquired her ARCT in piano performance. With a Bachelor of Music in Piano at the University of Toronto, Adele sets out to establish herself as a piano teacher. “Curiosity is Key.” Adele has always believed that learning should be a balance between fun and discipline. Aside from teaching, Adele has had numerous collaborative experiences as a pianist, including accompanying for the Wind Ensemble at University of Toronto.

Photo of Edith Suen (A.T.C.L., B.SocSc.)
Edith Suen, (A.T.C.L., B.SocSc.)

Edith is passionate and dedicated in both piano teaching and performance. Her piano
performance was described by adjudicators as “sensational”, “musical”, “virtuoisic”,
“with terrific energy”, “fantastic brilliance”, “with wonderful dexterity” etc. She had
obtained numerous awards in regional and local piano competitions such as the
Provincials Finals of the Ontario Music Festivals Association and the Hong Kong Piano
Open Competition organized by the Hong Kong Piano Music Association. In the 2000’s,
Edith attained distinction in ATCL diploma recital piano by the Trinity College London as
well as distinction in Grade 8 piano by the ABRSM examination board.

Edith had over 15 years of experience in teaching students ranging from young children
to adults with different personalities, capabilities and needs. She focuses on helping her
students to build balanced techniques so as to develop beautiful tone and dexterity,
alongside with other skill set. She can always spot the unique strength in each student
so as to inspire them with her devotion in piano performance. She trains her students to
reach their peak functioning in actual recital by sharing her own experience in how to
effectively cope with stage anxiety.

On the path of pursuing excellence, Edith shares the philosophy of the piano legend Mr.
Menahem Pressler (1923 – 2023) that to be a teacher (as well as a musician), one has
to “continuously learn in order to do it well, it does not stop with
age…degrees…accolades, it doesn’t stop at all. Because the variety, the richness, the
importance of music, is such that a lifetime really is not enough”. Therefore, Edith is
further pursuing her music career through her study with exceptional pianists in Toronto.
Edith is also a lawyer and was called to the bar of Hong Kong in 2022 and had
substantial prior work experience in luxury retail management industry where she
displayed excellent interpersonal communication skills.

Photo of Cara Tors (M. Mus., B. Mus.)
Cara Tors, (M. Mus., B. Mus.)
Piano, Vocal, Theory

Cara composed her first song at the age of 5 (Busy-Dizzy Day) and her first piano piece when she was 11 years old (Lunchtime). Since Lunchtime, she has further explored piano composition. In 2015, she completed a Bachelor of Music degree with a History/Theory specialization from the University of Toronto. Cara then completed a Master of Music degree in Music Technology and Digital Media at the same school, in 2019. Throughout these years, she wrote works for piano, voice, choir, violin, brass quintet, and more. Currently, she is working on her first musical, From Straw to Gold, based on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin. Cara enjoys teaching children, and has instructed them in piano, theory, history, vocal, and composition.