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Photo of Oxana Podoliak (B. Mus.)
Oxana Podoliak, (B. Mus.)
Clarinet, Flute & Saxophone

Oxana Podoliak has been teaching woodwinds for over 25 years. She began her music education at Lviv State College of Music with further graduate studies at Lviv State Music Academy, earning her degree in Performance and Pedagogy. With a background in solo, chamber music and orchestral playing, Oxana’s passion for wind instruments has seen her engaged over the years in multiple performances.

Currently, Oxana is giving flute, clarinet and saxophone lessons to students of all RCM levels and ARCT in and around the Toronto area. Among her students, many of them are Regional RCM Gold Medal receipents and winners of local and provincial music festivals. Some of them got accepted to the music program in universities.