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Photo of Robert Bradley (I.M.P.)
Robert Bradley, (I.M.P.)
Bass, Drum, Guitar, Ukulele

Robert graduated from Seneca at York University’s Independent Music Production Program.  He teaches guitar as well as the rudiments of drums and bass.  He had experience helping and organizing students into bands and oversaw their rehearsals and performances.  He has played in many bands as a musician.

To listen to Robert’s compositions, please click here.

Photo of David Liu
David Liu
Guitar, Ukulele

David graduated from Centennial College, with Music Industry And Arts Performance Advanced Diploma. He has been playing acoustic and electric guitar for 17 years, in many genres including: blues, folk, pop, rock, R&B, finger-style, etc. Besides, he composes, arranges, records and performs.
Some of his works on YouTube:
• Arrangement:
• Recording:
• Performance:
As a guitar teacher, David is always patient and inspire students with tasteful music. Study materials and handouts are well prepared before classes, but also he’s glad to work on the music that students are interested as well.

Photo of Sidney LoRusso (B.A.)
Sidney LoRusso, (B.A.)
Guitar, Ukulele, Music Adventure

Sidney has been playing music for the majority of her life starting at the age of four when she first picked up the guitar and began music lessons. From there she developed a love for singing and song writing which continued to grow as she continued her music education. She pursued this passion for singing and song writing at Carleton University where she studied within their singer-songwriter program, which she has recently graduated from with her BA in Music. Sidney is a firm believer in the power and importance of music education within the school system and is currently completing her Bachelor of Education to become a music teacher within the public system.